Trying to find a common interest

I have for some time been trying to get my partner to be interested in online slots blog but it is no good for my partner is not a person who appreciates games that I do and I think it’s a bit disappointing because I had hoped that if I get with my boyfriend on the game so we could play together but I gave up because it will never happen it has my partner made it very clear to me. I think it would be funny if we found something that we both liked and we could do together as it is now, we have almost completely separate lives with different interests and I think it can be healthy in a relationship that you do not do everything but I still miss not having a single thing that we can do together as a couple.

I read about blackjack odds online

Now, I read about blackjack odds online because it’s good to know if you enjoy playing games online and that is something that I like to do. It often happens that I sit up late at night and play when I really should be sleeping but it’s not so fun to go to bed when you have so cozy in front of the computer in the evening so it’s easy to be sitting up for too long so you get very tired in the morning and it happens you I’ll be late for work because of it and it’s not so good.

But it’s not often you get time to play and have some fun, but it’s in the evening that I get some free time and then it is not that many hours that I can have a good time so it is easy to sit a little too long in front of computer and play games.

Domains with pagerank

The topic in my last blog was if we are obsessing too much about domains with pagerank. While the answer might be yes, I still find it intriguing as the methodology behind pagerank is used in many other connections. I just recently learned that the same methodology has been proposed being used by the Institute for scientific Information to rate journals in much the same way as webpages. Not based only on the number of the citations to a journal but by the quality of the journals the citation comes from. The importance of academic doctoral programs is also rated this way. In this case the “links” are from which doctoral programs the various departments hire their faculty staff… If you have heard of any other places where the same methodology is used, please let me know and I will share it online in one of my future blogs.

I got to make some changes around here

I really do. This can’t go on for much longer now. I really don’t want to either. No, I won’t stand for it. People really should be more angry and upset with things in general. Now, I don’t mean that they should go around and be generally grumpy and complain about stuff and be aggressive on the subway and so on. No, the point is that people should raise their voices when the government does stupid stuff or when evil corporation’s sinister plans are unveiled. But that doesn’t happen to the same extent that it should. If I were a better writer and a more gifted thinker I would probably write up some sort of manifesto a call to arms about this, the complete lousiness of and sad state of affairs in this country these days. As it stands I have to rely on the few good things in live such as Cloud VPS Hosting and French toast. I sincerely hope that will be enough for me in the long run. Otherwise I’ll probably go crazy.

Fix a survey?

I was watching a great movie on DVD yesterday it was Rocky 3, yes I really like the rocky movies and I was wondering which one of the rocky movies you like best? Or maybe the least? There should be some kind of survey tools for this, so that you can vote on the blog. It would be interesting to know which one of the rocky movies is the most popular. I think rocky 3 is the best one by far, maybe that is because I think Mr T is so cool. The music and soundtrack of all the rocky movies are great to. I am not really a fan of boxing and I don’t like to watch it on tv, but the rocky movies are great. I like Rambo too, especially the first one, Stallone looked a lot younger back then. I think it was very cool that he gathered all the old action stars in the expendable, I really liked that movie too.